Croatian National Theatre posters

Series of posters done for 2007/2008 season of Croatian National Theatre in Osijek. Trough close and sometimes rather heated discussions with directors we created recognizable and much discussed posters that were subject of number of newspaper articles and essays on visual arts in theatre.

HNK Traviata
1. Traviata

Despite her wild and libidinous life, Violetta (La Traviata) sacrifies it all for true love, showing her true moral strength. The poster deals with this duality and ambivalence.
Done in collaboration with Igor Penović.

HNK Zastave Krleža
2. Zastave, barjaci, stjegovi

The poster for 'Zastave, barjaci, stjegovi' caused a lot of controversy becase it illustrates two opposing political ideologies. The manner in which the poster presents these ideologies was very disturbing to their supporters beacause it's somewhat of a blasphemy to even suggest that they're all the same. Recent history taught us that they are.
Done in collaboration with Igor Penović.

HNK omnibus
3. Riba ribi grize rep

Six short stories from american contemporary drama focusing on women's stories with completely female cast.

Cavalleria rusticana Aleko opera
4. Aleko and Cavelleria Rusticana

Both stories share the same basic plot: two guys, one girl, jealousy and death as a result. Cock fight is appropriate motif and the blur was introduced to convey jealousy: the closer you are to the poster (the conflict) the harder it is to see what's going on. But if you take a look from a distance you'll see it for what it really is: an absurd cockfight.